Body Boudoir Massage Oil Candle 5.2oz - Moroccan Fusion

Classic Erotica

SKU: CE1087-09
An expression of erotique sensual. Luxurious candle provides romantic ambiance, alluring fragrance & extravagant massage Candle liquefies into a loving touch oil for romantic body massage.

Designed with soy & other extravagant oils for the finest massage encounters & ultimate skin pampering. Aphrodisiac Fragrance

Moroccan fusion is a medley of exotic mangosteen, acai berry, & sweet musk, tickled with crips coconut & red current... enhanced by a whisper of white lily. Pheromone Infused to enhance sexual arousal.

Contains: Write on me ceramic candle holder with pour spout, fragranced pheromone massage oil candle & massage chalk.