Jo H2O Anal Water-Based Cooling 4oz - Personal Lubricant

System Jo

SKU: JO40211
Whether with a partner or with toys, JO Anal H2O Water-Based Lubricant is a superior choice for your comfort. This anal lubricant delivers all of the benefits of JO H2O in a higher viscosity formula for extra thickness where you need it most. The Cool formula provides a tingling sensation to arouse and heighten the sensual experience.

Not all lube is created equal. Feel the difference and enhance your sensual experience with JO Anal H2O. It's made from the finest pharmaceutical grade ingredients on the market, it's the same JO H2O you love with an extra thick viscosity for greater comfort. The longer lasting formula never gets sticky or tacky and contains no numbing agents or desensitizers.

Safe for use with condoms and all toys. 120 mL.