Behind Closed Doors Board Game for Lovers

Little Genie

Open the door to a better sex life! 

Begin this game Behind Closed Doors for a remarkable romantic experience. Get comfortable and settle in for an evening of passion! Help set the mood with music and candles. Players make their way around the gameboard acquirin g Position, Item, and Foreplay cards. The first player to reach the winner circle gets to cleverly incorporate all of their collected cards into continued sex play. 

Game Contents: 

Game Board 
25 Position Cards 
25 Item Cards 
25 Foreplay Cards 
2 Game Tokens 
1 Die 

Items you may want to have on hand: 
Whipped Cream 
Peanut Butter 
Chocolate Syrup 
Jam/ Jelly 
Massage Oil 
Feather Tickler