Oxballs Air Super-Lite Airflow Cockring - Black


AIR Sport C-ring is a super sleek and aerodynamic cockring designed to beef up your meat while feelin’ like you’ve got on nothin’ at all.
AIR is so lightweight it’ll look like your natural meat pushed out and straining in your pouch.
The squishy, stretchy material and minimal design create a super comfortable fit that’ll bloat your hog without any unnecessary bulk.
Made from our new super-soft, stretchy PLUS+SILICONE trp/silicone...a blend of of silicone and TPR--soft like silicone, strong like TPR.

Width: 2.5” / 6.35 cm
Height: 1.10” / 2.79 cm
Outside Circumference: 8” / 20.34 cm
Inside Circumference: 4.5”/ 10.98 cm
Inside diameter: 1.45”/ 3.68 cm