Zolo Back Door Cup Travel Male Masturbator Stroker


Arousing everything but suspicion, the amazingly discreet Zolo Pleasure Cup hides its insanely stimulating interior inside a nondescript, perfectly portable casing that, particularly when the label covering is removed, looks completely innocent, easily passing for a drink holder or simple container.

Lengthy and extremely lightweight, fitting easily and comfortably in hand, the Backdoor version of the Zolo Cup boasts a realistically ribbed interior designed to mimic the sensation of anal sex- an innovative base features a small opening that can be covered with a finger to create more suction, if desired. To use, simply remove the cap, base sticker and sample lubricant package before entering.

Made of an extra soft, proprietary blend of body safe materials, the inner sleeve grips excitingly, creating pleasurable friction that can be controlled with the addition of a good lubricant, either water or silicone based formulas will be compatible.

• Experience intense sensations
• Prelubricated With motion lotion for ultimate pleasure
• Life like canal
• Great for travel
• Color: Blue
• Disposable
• Single Entry